Friday, November 22, 2013

White Tissue Paper Stained with Rusty Bits and Bobs.

I haven't glued these down yet. Because I'm thinking I will lighten the background a little.

I've got about 10 kids age from 3 years old through to 11 coming to take part in workshop today. We'll have some fun doing InterPlay on a 'real' stage, that is the outdoor 'platform theatre' which is on the same block of land as the gallery and accommodation. 

After this we are going to look at some of the symbols surrounding Christmas and what they mean, including Saint Nicholas and the Christmas stocking story. Then, the kids will decorate a wax candle 'intaglio style' by making deep marks in the candle with a pencil and filling it with soft pastel/crayons.

After that I hope they will all go home, and peace and quiet will reign once again at the gallery! 

I should have been a librarian. I can remember wanting to be a librarian when I was a kid. I thought there must have been great satisfaction in opening up a pile of books, boldly stamping the date in them and closing up the books with a job-well-done-look on your face, and again, placing them in a pile to be taken away. When the books were retuned, you simply filed them back in place. The rest of the day you could read books and no one was aloud to make any noise or you got thrown out! Who wouldn't want to be a librarian if that was all they did? 

What is it about stamping your mark with authority. I have a clear picture of wanting to work in a bank or an office so that I could bang that stamp of approval or acceptance down and scribble my signature on the page. That's all I wanted to do! 

I liked the idea of having wads of papers and receipt books. I remember a block of shops close to my home when I was a kid. Someone had obviously cleaned out their office and there was boxes of rubbish next to the bins. I dived in like a kid in a lolly shop and I found two old rubber stamps and dried up old ink pad. I was in paper heaven. I gathered up as much as I could to take home, not do art, but to play offices and libraries and some empowering stamping! Strange girl.

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