Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today was the Day

Finally handed in my Emerging Artists application into Artsource for a $5000 grant offered to artists who are in the first five years of their art practice.
It took me a few weeks deciding what my focus would be, looking up artists and writing letters to ask if they would mentor me, then meeting up with chosen mentor - Artist David Giles, writing up CV and Bio, choosing photo images of my work that were not blurred or too small etc etc.
A lot of anxiety and self doubt came up for me along with excitement too, which just adds to the exhausting nature of grant applications! I guess it will get easier once I have done a few more.
I have papers all over the house and have used up a whole cartridge of ink in the printer.
Now I just wait and see what the result is. A sweet YES would be awesome. A plain old NO will be depressing but goes on.

Haven't been in the studio for a couple of weeks. Today was the day. I couldn't wait to splash some paint around. It gets like that if I haven't painted for a while. I just have to release some creative energy, especially after spending days on the computer. It was good to get back in the studio again, like spending time with an old friend.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Temporary display some of my artwork over the last five years.

Some visitors to my last exhibition were interested in commissioning me and asked if I had a web page where they could view my work. I apologised and replied "I used to have one but not at the moment." So... I promised I'd download a few pics on Facebook but some of you do not use Facebook so I've also placed a few here on my blog till I am more organised.

Please call 0412 223 469 or email me for any enquiries.

I am still working out the best way to display my art with full details and Pay Pal. I may have to go back to my ETSY shop but my photo's are not up to scratch yet either.  

What I do need to do, is set aside a couple of days to work on this but there is always something else happening isn't there, and besides I can't hack sitting at this computer for more than two hours, especially when the sun is shining outside?

Anyway I'll quit complaining to myself now and publish this post!

Grief - Touch Drawing


Pilgrim Journey

Luke 4 16-20
Won Award

Rhythms of nature

Secret Garden

Touch Drawing Class

Beauty of Imperfection

At The Market Place

Clay Pots

Birds in flight

"I Am"

Flock of birds

'Sophia' donated for the babies room in Cowandilla Primary

Holy of Holies in Immanuel Chapel
Won Award

30 x 30 collages


To the top of the hill

Bonfire Night

Through The Open Door

Application Preparation...good start to a rap song!

I'm in the middle of applying for another grant. This time for me, to help me 'on my way.' Now if I am  hoping for someone to gift me with a large amount of finance to help me on my way, as an emerging artist, then I had better know where I am going!

 As much as I have enjoyed meandering along in a very organic way, exploring and experimenting with art materials and occasionally coming up with an intriguing piece of work that is appreciated by others and sells, I find applying for my first $5000 or $10000 grant is getting pretty serious but that is no reason to not at least try and put in an application.

So that is what I am focusing on this month and asking myself what activity is it that I really want assistance and support in. What do I want to learn more about. Who do I want to learn from and in which state or country do they live? (I'm trying to think big!)

I have two ares of interest - Using the Expressive Arts within my art practice and my teaching.
The other is what I think is called The Experimental Arts. This is exploring and experimenting with a  different mediums in mostly unconventional way. Pouring large amounts of different coloured paints over the canvas for example. Also I'm interested in mixed media and using household products like shell-grit or  crushed egg shells, bees wax and grass tree resin, natural elements, old rusty wire, weathered papers and found objects etc.

I would like to study with someone who specialises in either of these two areas or learn some new skills in colour theory or life drawing.

As I have never had any formal training apart from attending regular art classes that interested me, I have not had to concern myself with my practice. I just say that I'm a beginner and still learning by my mistakes but that is not entirely true. I have been painting full time now since I moved into my Artsource studio, I've regularly exhibited, sold, had a few publications and commissions and won two art awards. I help set up a community gallery and I have taught 100's of art students. I think it is time I knew what I am about and what I am trying to express through my art and what is it that I want more off.

So that is what I am thinking about this month...pray for me!...deadline is 30th May.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Am I Up To Now?

Apologies to those who were interested in the Touch Drawing Workshop, I had the 19th on a previous email but it is this Sunday 12th May and the Bookbinding is on the 19th May.

I am really enjoying teaching a few students this year. I've been teaching collage and mixed media techniques and using old second hand books with hard covers as our substrate. We tear a number of pages out to reduce the bulk. Then glue to or three pages together, apply gesso over the page, add paint, images or decorative papers, stamp with homemade or rubber stamps, stencil, add written words or doodles and so it goes on. These altered books are so much fun to work on as they are a  managable size and you end up with a whole collection off work secured in one book.  I haven't got any photos yet but they are coming. If you have any questions or would like more detail and instruction please email me or if you are in Perth, come along to a class.  $50 for a 90min session, all materials provided. It will be money well spent and eventually you will have a treasured collection of interesting artwork to browse through that doesn't take up space in the house or shed!

The month long Haughton Winery exhibition has now come to a close and I was very happy to sell 6 paintings and about 20 greeting cards I'd created. This really encouraged and affirmed me. It is such a buzz and an honour when people pay big money for your artwork because they love it and want to have it in their home.

Working towards our next Open Studio Day on June 30th. This is when the public are invited to come through our Artsource artists studios and chat with us about our art-making and they often buy our work too.

Got to go now to a place called DADAA in Midland now...some exciting stuff happening with a small grant that I received from InterPlay Australia. I'll write more about that on my 'Movement Artist' blog which you will find by clicking on InterPlay on the bar above.

We have rainy, stormy weather right now and I don't really want to go anywhere...sounds like the roof is gonna fly off!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Touch Drawing Workshop

Front Studio Gallery at the Midland Artsource Studios
5 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland (near the Town Hall Clock tower)

Sunday 12th May 2013

9.30am - 12.30pm 'Introduction to Touch Drawing' with Janet Pfeiffer
Cost $55 - all materials provided
Contact: Janet Pfeiffer 0412 223 469

Sunday 19th May 2013

9.30am - 12.30pm 'Introduction to Bookbinding' with Julie Hein
Cost $55 - Extensive notes and all materials and equipment to complete the project, provided.
Contact: Julie Hein 0419 917 647

Brief Outline of these two workshops

'Introduction to Touch Drawing' with Janet Pfeiffer - This unique expressive arts technique allows the release do deep seated n feelings, especially resentments and fears...that block authentic self expression.
Paint is rolled onto a hard surface, then, a sheet of paper is placed over the paint. Using your hands you create images and markings on the paper. This can be done with eyes closed to help connect with our inner feelings.

Find out more about Touch Drawing at