Monday, May 13, 2013

Application Preparation...good start to a rap song!

I'm in the middle of applying for another grant. This time for me, to help me 'on my way.' Now if I am  hoping for someone to gift me with a large amount of finance to help me on my way, as an emerging artist, then I had better know where I am going!

 As much as I have enjoyed meandering along in a very organic way, exploring and experimenting with art materials and occasionally coming up with an intriguing piece of work that is appreciated by others and sells, I find applying for my first $5000 or $10000 grant is getting pretty serious but that is no reason to not at least try and put in an application.

So that is what I am focusing on this month and asking myself what activity is it that I really want assistance and support in. What do I want to learn more about. Who do I want to learn from and in which state or country do they live? (I'm trying to think big!)

I have two ares of interest - Using the Expressive Arts within my art practice and my teaching.
The other is what I think is called The Experimental Arts. This is exploring and experimenting with a  different mediums in mostly unconventional way. Pouring large amounts of different coloured paints over the canvas for example. Also I'm interested in mixed media and using household products like shell-grit or  crushed egg shells, bees wax and grass tree resin, natural elements, old rusty wire, weathered papers and found objects etc.

I would like to study with someone who specialises in either of these two areas or learn some new skills in colour theory or life drawing.

As I have never had any formal training apart from attending regular art classes that interested me, I have not had to concern myself with my practice. I just say that I'm a beginner and still learning by my mistakes but that is not entirely true. I have been painting full time now since I moved into my Artsource studio, I've regularly exhibited, sold, had a few publications and commissions and won two art awards. I help set up a community gallery and I have taught 100's of art students. I think it is time I knew what I am about and what I am trying to express through my art and what is it that I want more off.

So that is what I am thinking about this month...pray for me!...deadline is 30th May.

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