Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today was the Day

Finally handed in my Emerging Artists application into Artsource for a $5000 grant offered to artists who are in the first five years of their art practice.
It took me a few weeks deciding what my focus would be, looking up artists and writing letters to ask if they would mentor me, then meeting up with chosen mentor - Artist David Giles, writing up CV and Bio, choosing photo images of my work that were not blurred or too small etc etc.
A lot of anxiety and self doubt came up for me along with excitement too, which just adds to the exhausting nature of grant applications! I guess it will get easier once I have done a few more.
I have papers all over the house and have used up a whole cartridge of ink in the printer.
Now I just wait and see what the result is. A sweet YES would be awesome. A plain old NO will be depressing but goes on.

Haven't been in the studio for a couple of weeks. Today was the day. I couldn't wait to splash some paint around. It gets like that if I haven't painted for a while. I just have to release some creative energy, especially after spending days on the computer. It was good to get back in the studio again, like spending time with an old friend.

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