Monday, March 10, 2014

Back in Balance

Feeling much better. Headache lifted so I'm confident there is no brain damage from the fall off my bike and my elbow is on the mend.

Started Advanced Diploma in Transpersonel Art Therapy and loving it. 

I am looking forward to leading InterPlay this weekend in Bunbury.

Looking forward to getting back into the studio after nearly 2 weeks!

No art images today, but all is well and I feel pretty good!

  Reading an interesting book that is telling it how it really is and I'm loving it. Most of us are addicted to happiness but for a long time now I've suspected it is a fatal attraction but at the same time I don't want to be a misery guts. I suspect that I don't have much control over either but I'm trusting Russ Harris will lead me through the centre of the two. Self expression and making art is very important to me. Sometimes it makes me very happy, other times it is bloody hard work and I question why I am doing it at all? I'm hoping this book will help me to fully wise up to the happiness myth and live my life more authentically whether I'm on  the highest high or in the lowest low or somewhere in between.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

'Out of Kilter'

The last couple of days I have been out of kilter, not myself, a little anxious, energy is low and a niggling headache. Not tired enough to sleep but too tired to concentrate on anything very much. Maybe post- exhibition set up blues, or maybe the changes with my medications that are being monitored by the doctor. Maybe the effects of crashing my bike. Who knows? I actually watched TV in the middle of the day...what is wrong with me??

So, what to do? If I still have the headache over the weekend I'll check it out with the doctor as I remember my head hitting the concrete quite bad when I fell off my bike and broke my elbow. Thankfully I wore a helmet, so I'm more than likely okay.

Getting back into my studio has not been possible with one thing and another. It has been very slow at the Houghton Winery Art Exhibition so I have been doing a little touch drawing while manning the gallery. No large sales of any paintings yet. People are hanging on to their money it seems. 

I've been mindlessly dabbling with a few random creative ideas at home. This one looks like I feel! Lol

I've also been playing with a lump of clay I have at home. I have no idea what I am doing really but I'm just feeling my way. Started out making some small pieces that I can incorporate into my collage and painting. I've been thinking about using clay as part of my artwork for The Mandorla art prize. 

Also my residency in April is on my mind and what I may be focusing on. I've been asked if I can do an encaustic workshop so I had better get some practice in for that!
 I've noticed I'm also a little anxious about starting the Art Therapy course in the morning. Strange, being scared and excited at the same time.

That's about as much information as I can manage to write at the moment. Lets hope I bounce back soon 'cos I'm really dragging my feet right now.