Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Midland Open Studios


Looking forward to our open day on Sunday and sadly my last in my studio in Midland, so come on over and cheer me up!

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This Sunday: A rare glimpse inside the artists' lair

Artsource is inviting you to go behind the scenes at Midland Open Studios this Sunday 25 August, where you will discover a labyrinth of creative spaces for sculptors, painters, printmakers, jewellers and photographers.

Ahead of the open day, we chatted to four of our studio artists, Robert Dorizzi, Julie Hein, Melanie Diss andShelley Piang-Nee, who gave us a peek into their sketch books and divulged on their inspirations and the things that have shaped their studio practice so far. 

Read the artist interviews onlinehere.


When: Sunday 25th August, 11am - 2pm
Where: Artsource Midland. 1 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland.

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Images (from left): Robert Dorizzi, Julie Hein, Melanie Diss and Shelley Piang-Nee.

Photography by Eva Fernandez and Christophe Canato.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting Better Rather Than Being Good

I read this somewhere...and in the context of my art career... it seemed to fit.

“If you focus on growth instead of validation,
on making progress instead of proving yourself, 
you are less likely to get depressed
because you won’t see setbacks and failures
as reflecting your own self-worth. 
And, you are less likely to stay depressed, 
because feeling bad makes you want to work harder and keep striving.
You get up off the couch, 
dust off the potato chip crumbs, 
and get busy getting better.”

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving in, Moving out.

Back from holidays and now I have to get my head into gear ready to move to my new studio. Not sure if I'm coming or going!

Yesterday I gathered some boxes and started packing some things. Also hanged a few larger canvases on the walls in the hallway at Midland for our Open Day on 25th August.

Not getting much painting done but last night I worked on some mini collages.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Natures Textures Call Me Once Again

I am having a relaxing holiday in Balingup and Mullaylyup. Today we went for a bush walk around Greenbush. I was unable to resist the textures that captured my attention. In particular, the way there are layers of texture that are formed naturally in nature. My first thoughts are how I can depict this on my canvas in a contemporary abstract expression. Maybe I will find some answers in the cold wax and oil that I plan to experiment with once I am set up in my new studio. I really can't wait!

Moving to new studio in Northbridge

So much has changed for me in the last week or so. I am moving to a new studio! Artsource who I currently rent my Midland studio from, alerted me to a studio that is only about 10k and 10 mins from home. I checked it out about 2 weeks ago and met with two of the four artists who work and share the complex. One is a male sculptor, the other three are female painters. The building is opposite a group of tennis courts and smack bang in the middle of a beautiful green parkland only 5 mins from the city of Perth. In fact the studio complex is owned by the council to which this little group of artists pay rent. It is only $160 month compared to $252 that I am paying now. Though it is half the size of my Midland Studio I think I can manage to scale things down.
So, I met with the other artists and really liked them and their amazing work. The environment is a typical artist working studio space with art stuff everywhere.

I didn't really expect to hear back from them, so I put it out of my mind. When I received the offer I was really surprised and honoured to be working alongside such established and mature artists and sculptors. I have given my notice to Artsource and my last day in my Midland studio is 31st of August:( I move into Robertson Park, Northbridge on the 1st September, a nice way to start Spring.

Inside building
In my studio that is currently a storage space