Friday, February 27, 2015

Solo exhibition coming up in May.

Have penciled in a 5 day solo exhibition in the last week of May 2015, at the new basement gallery in Barrack Street, Perth. More details coming soon.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Whats going on in the studio today?

Today was a good day in the studio. It is always difficult to get out of the house with one thing and another that needs to be done. The two things that always hold me up are things I need to do on the computer and housework - never-ending and it continually sucks up time I need to spend in the studio.
Perth is horribly hot and muggy with 30 degree heat and thunder storms.

Anyway, enough of the excuses, I got there, and thats the main point!
Currently I am working on a number of canvases, moving from one to the other allowing for drying time and to avoid overworking an image. I am re-working an image of insect-nibbled -gum-leaves which are on a large canvas by using pastels over the acrylic paint to boost the colors, then spraying with fixative to fix the chalk-like soft pastels in place. Next I want to out-line each leaf with a fine point 'Sharpie' pen for more emphasis. It is close to being finished.

I have applied the gold-leaf to the King's Crown on my 'King of Kings' artwork. Not shown in this picture as this was taken beforehand. The edges of the gold leaf are very ratty even though I tried to create clean straight edges! Next I will need to bring the explosion of color right behind the crown to finish it off. I want it to look like an explosion of colored fireworks going off! This artwork is part of a series that was inspired by a live concert of 'Handel's Messiah' which I reluctantly went to see as I was given free was overwhelmingly amazing!

I have another joint exhibition coming up in March. Today I played around with abstract shapes and lines on a number of small 12" x 12" canvases. The firey reds and yellows were inspired by a friend who dropped by the studio to chill out and do some painting with me.  I decided to create a set of four. I enjoyed the bold shapes and solid colour blocks with a hint of the underpainting peeping through. These paintings have a primal feel to them. showing here is the first one. I will try and remember to photograph the others tomorrow as a set.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Been a While!

Hello, I am great demand! No not really. You never really know who cares whether you write a blog or not, but I am back because I am determined to get this whole blog-facebook-website thing happening in unison.

Where did those last 6 months go? Regular updates of my studio work have been regularly posted on my FaceBook business page 'Janet Pfeiffer Artist' and I keep in touch with friends and family on the FaceBook 'Janet Pfeiffer' page including sharing of quotes, words of wisdom and things that make me laugh. 
Art Market outside Roasting Warehouse, Fremantle Dec 20th 2014.

I've managed to keep my website reasonably updated and am currently trying to work out how to insert a slide show of my artwork. Meanwhile there are text msgs and of course the never ending trail of interesting emails from groups all over the world. Oh! And Linked-another of those valuable networking tools. Considering I loathe sitting at a computer for hours I'm not doing too bad a job!

Anyway, life happens and you realise that family, children, health and friends actually do matter most and following closly behind is your job, home, car etc and then the rest of the stuff of life fits in where it can.

This year as I start to think about where I am with my work and where I want to go, I can see that the stream of creating artwork and the other stream of art and healing that I am passionate about are starting to come together more...sort of.

At the moment I am cleaning out my art studio. I am discovering loads of dead moths and cobwebs along with dried up paints and mediums! I'm making sure everything is at my finger-tips to create the works that I am currently thinking about and planning. ( a possible series on Handals Messiah) Also clearing a space for students, and I am pulling out all my works and asking myself, what I can group together for a small solo exhibition in local restaurant, home, salon, my garage, wherever I can? I have done this in the past but not for a while. I'm asking, what best represents what I am now trying to communicate?

"Wild Blooms" 
Encaustic Art by JPfeiffer

Alongside this I am going into my second year of study for an advanced diploma in transpersonal art therapy. I hope to combine this healing work with my InterPlay Leading and expressive art. Currently I'm practicing on my friends for free, so if you want get in touch with your creative self, call me!

I am going to try and keep this blog going as well as my Facebook business page. Apologies to my readers for being out of the loop, but sometimes it is a lot to get my head around. I have so much more to say but I will leave it here for now and fill you in with more as we go. If you are a follower, let me know and share any insights and ideas you have. I would love to hear from you!

It actually does feel really good to have made a start again Yaay! :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Facing the Business (busy-ness?) of Making Art

Starting a Mixed Media Mentorship 4 week on-line workshop with instructor Lisa Cyr. 
Been wanting to do this course for a number of years now and I think it is time.

This online workshop is for artists that are looking to create a professional portfolio of work. The instructor will work one-on-one with artists, refining their skills to create professional works for the fine and commercial art marketplace. In addition, discussions regarding personal outlook, growth and development will help each attendee to explore and expand upon their own creative process as well as establish successful business goals for the long term.