Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Facing the Business (busy-ness?) of Making Art

Starting a Mixed Media Mentorship 4 week on-line workshop with instructor Lisa Cyr. 
Been wanting to do this course for a number of years now and I think it is time.

This online workshop is for artists that are looking to create a professional portfolio of work. The instructor will work one-on-one with artists, refining their skills to create professional works for the fine and commercial art marketplace. In addition, discussions regarding personal outlook, growth and development will help each attendee to explore and expand upon their own creative process as well as establish successful business goals for the long term.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Next Encaustic (hot bees wax) Workshop

Encaustic #2 Workshop

Robertson Park Studio

Using collage/photos/fabric
Pouring wax and pouring shapes
Using and iron to fuse and smooth wax
Masking straight lines
Masking off shapes with tape

Cost: $65 workshop - includes all materials. Just bring an apron.
Limited to 4 people
To secure your places, payment can be made as a net bank transfer:

For bank details email janetpfeiffer@mac.com

Our last Encaustic Workshop in July got off to a great start with 5 participants who had the opportunity to become familiar with the safety, properties and experience of painting with wax. They created some beautiful and inspiring work by simply exploring playfully with the materials provided, as a no stress introduction to the medium!

Images to be added soon!