Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moving to new studio in Northbridge

So much has changed for me in the last week or so. I am moving to a new studio! Artsource who I currently rent my Midland studio from, alerted me to a studio that is only about 10k and 10 mins from home. I checked it out about 2 weeks ago and met with two of the four artists who work and share the complex. One is a male sculptor, the other three are female painters. The building is opposite a group of tennis courts and smack bang in the middle of a beautiful green parkland only 5 mins from the city of Perth. In fact the studio complex is owned by the council to which this little group of artists pay rent. It is only $160 month compared to $252 that I am paying now. Though it is half the size of my Midland Studio I think I can manage to scale things down.
So, I met with the other artists and really liked them and their amazing work. The environment is a typical artist working studio space with art stuff everywhere.

I didn't really expect to hear back from them, so I put it out of my mind. When I received the offer I was really surprised and honoured to be working alongside such established and mature artists and sculptors. I have given my notice to Artsource and my last day in my Midland studio is 31st of August:( I move into Robertson Park, Northbridge on the 1st September, a nice way to start Spring.

Inside building
In my studio that is currently a storage space

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