Monday, May 13, 2013

Temporary display some of my artwork over the last five years.

Some visitors to my last exhibition were interested in commissioning me and asked if I had a web page where they could view my work. I apologised and replied "I used to have one but not at the moment." So... I promised I'd download a few pics on Facebook but some of you do not use Facebook so I've also placed a few here on my blog till I am more organised.

Please call 0412 223 469 or email me for any enquiries.

I am still working out the best way to display my art with full details and Pay Pal. I may have to go back to my ETSY shop but my photo's are not up to scratch yet either.  

What I do need to do, is set aside a couple of days to work on this but there is always something else happening isn't there, and besides I can't hack sitting at this computer for more than two hours, especially when the sun is shining outside?

Anyway I'll quit complaining to myself now and publish this post!

Grief - Touch Drawing


Pilgrim Journey

Luke 4 16-20
Won Award

Rhythms of nature

Secret Garden

Touch Drawing Class

Beauty of Imperfection

At The Market Place

Clay Pots

Birds in flight

"I Am"

Flock of birds

'Sophia' donated for the babies room in Cowandilla Primary

Holy of Holies in Immanuel Chapel
Won Award

30 x 30 collages


To the top of the hill

Bonfire Night

Through The Open Door

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