Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Gelli Plate' Printing With Leaves

Painting number 7. Lots of wheat fields around here and again I had an image in my head that I was trying to achieve and I never quite get there. Going to work on this a bit more. I'd like to put a little bit more life into the theme, like a little bird on the fence or maybe a farmer in the field. I'll resolve it somehow. Then give it a Haiku poem. 


Went mad in the studio printing with my "Gelli" plate which is a slab of gelatine about 1cm thick. there are recipes on the internet to make your own, but I bought this one on-line. I used plants from the garden and water soluble oil paints. You can use acrylics also, but they tend to dry up too quickly when the weather is hot.


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