Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just cut yesterday's blog post in half and placed it here!

I'm still keen on drawing figures and I was really happy with this one which iis charcoal on paper. I based it on an image by Debra Luccio. I haven't been able to find any figures in poses that I like but this was spot on. Thank you Debra!
   Then I tried using 'Touch Drawing' technique with water soluble oil paints on tissue paper. The whole image is drawn using fingers and there is no opportunity to rub out the unwanted lines with my fingers as I have been doing with the charcoal. The water lily was just a warm up Touch Drawing but I really like the loose flowing lines that have come directly from my finger tips over the paper which was laid over the rolled out oil paint on a non-porous board. See for more information.


In the evening I ran a 'Touch Drawing' workshop at the station gallery which was so enjoyable. We even had champagne and hot chips while we worked! I'll put some more photos of their work on the next post once I have edited them but here are a few. To top the day off I sold another small framed collage work!

    Touch Drawing workshop at Station Gallery Nov 21 2013

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  1. I have been amazed at your human body sketches ....all done from your memory. Gosh, imagine what you will produce when you get a chance to draw with live models before your eyes!! There seems no end to your talent, Janet.