Saturday, November 16, 2013

Human Expression Out Of Charcoal

Felt the need to work with charcoal today. Had planned to just get the feel of the charcoal on plain white paper. I found myself instinctively wanting to draw the outlines of figures. The charcoal is so soft and and bold at the same time. So instant and so messy, but I loved working with it.

I didn't have a model and have never learned the portions of the body so I was drawing completely from my memory.  I wanted the bodies to express some deep emotion like grief or pain but a couple of them just look like they are sleeping. I liked the way I couldn't remove all my mistakes. The viewer can follow my journey and struggle as I seek to place the lines where I want them to be and give the image expression.  

I think I will take some lessons in life drawing. The human body and all the emotions it holds has always been something I have wanted to study but I thought it would be too difficult to master. Guess I just have to start at the beginning and see how I go. 

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