Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Is An Artist Residency Anyway?

I head off to my 3-week residency tomorrow morning. A number of friends have asked me what it is? Being my first I'm not too sure what to expect myself! It is a bit late for me to be getting onto Google now, but here are some snippets that I gleaned: 

Artist residencies are about providing the time and space for a guest artist to develop work and creatively explore new ideas.

A time for reflection, research and inspiration – residencies for artists can be life and career changing moments. Stepping outside of your usual surroundings and daily routine, even for just one week, can have a profound impact on how visual and applied artists work and create. They can introduce creatives from all backgrounds of art to new materials, people and ways of working – they are as much about a change in culture as they are a change of scene.

Artist residencies are important because they provide opportunities for artists from around the world to spend time in a new atmosphere and environment. They support cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, and support research and the development of new work.
All successful artist residencies offer conditions that are conducive to creativity

Some key considerations for artists: Understand the residency expectations before applying; choose suitable programmes that fit in with your arts practice and methods of working; be prepared to be resourceful and engage with diverse communities; develop ways of explaining your work to diverse audiences; be enthusiastic and positive about new experiences.

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