Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photo's of Residency - A Quiet Place To Reflect

KLast night I definitely heard the grain train at 2am, then returned to sleep. At 7:30 am I was met by a small group that walk 3 times a week. Already the heat and flies were beginning to irritate me.
I put the air-con on before I left, which meant I came home to a luxurious cool and mostly fly-free house. After a shower I walked  to the IGA for some food supplies and then over to the bakery for a curry pie and yes! It had sultanas in it so I was happy. It was a bit gluggy though. I find pies (or fish and chips) don't taste half as good as you imagine them to.

Here are some photos I took early this morning.

The place is owned by the shire but kept in immaculate condition by a group of dedicated workers who want to keep the arts alive in their community and with the help of funding and generous gifts it has become a reality. 

Descriptions are at the bottom of each image.

    Some old photos of days gone by.
This old carriage was transported to this spot and will eventually become tea rooms. I look at this from my studio window. I love all the peeling layers of paint!
Theatre (with a green room in the background).This is on the same block of land as the house. 

     Inside the rather cozy gallery shop.
     One of the gallery exhibition rooms
    The main gallery area. Those double doors go out onto the railway platform.
   The studio with work laid out for possible sales! This is a well-lit small room next to the main gallery.
    Another view from the other side of the studio.
    The sitting room. 
     One corner of the kitchen
    Looking out the studio window
  The front garden and gateway out to the car park and Main Street from the house. 

Just a taste from all the photos I took. In comparison the rest of the town is rather ordinary. Your typical Aussie-she'll be right mate-grain farming town. I'll get some pics when the wind and heat settles.

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