Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thinking about next year.

The Contemplative.      Touch Drawing and Mixed Media  30" x 24"

This was a painting that I knew needed just a little more but wasn't sure what. I tentatively worked on it this morning and I am happier with it now.

Danielle Smith, our next artist-in residence arrived from California today via a residency in China. She is 22 and will stay here in Beverley till the 29th December. She says her parents are celebrating thanksgiving today and she will have Christmas here in Beverley, just for something different!

I have booked myself in to Beverley for another residency April 2014. I am also checking out what else is available within Australia. There are plenty of great looking places to go overseas but I will need to save up enough funds to get there and back, so maybe 2015 I will go to Portugal, France, Scotland or Turkey! In the meantime I'm registering to do house sitting in Australia. That way I can have a continuous stream of getaways to focus on my work. I still need my studio in Perth which is close to home  as my base so I can work on the larger and messier compositions that don't fit easily into the car. 

So, I think 2014 may be a very interesting and productive year for me now that I know how I can get the best out of my creative self and the kind of environment that is conducive to hours of uninterrupted creativity and contemplation.

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