Saturday, November 2, 2013

What to take and what leave in the studio?

In the studio I am preparing some workshops for my residency in WA.

As I gather bits and pieces for the Touch Drawing and InterPlay workshops that I will be leading, I am thinking too about my own artwork while staying in Beverley, and what I might be working on. There are always a number of different projects going on for me at any one time and then I often bring some of them together in my main work. At the same time I am always open, waiting and ready to be taken off in a completely different and new direction. I certainly can't predict what materials I will need for that!

Currently I am working with different coloured oil paint on pinewood. Then laying a piece of acid free, sturdy paper over the paint and marking the paper with a biro in a 'zentangles' fashion. When I lift the paper up this leaves an impression on the wood panel and on the paper. I need to think about a way of presenting them together. This idea came out of playing with oil and wax...hence my wax exploration is on hold for now while I pursue this creative idea. 

Pictures of these are on my new 'you beaut' camera. Problem is the smallest size of each photo that I can take is 1MB, which is okay until you have 50 pictures = 50 MB. My computer spathe dummy and told me there is no way it can handle that much data. So, I will have to download all my pics to my husbands computer and go about getting them onto my ipad that way. Oh! I have a love-hate relationship with technology!

Anyway, another 'arty' thing I am playing with is, using torn off sheets of old discarded cardboard boxes. Cutting interesting shapes into the top layer with a stanley knife, and tearing it off, leaving the corrugated part behind. Painting and printing with these creates interesting forms as a background and then I am cutting them up to create a  3D-collage composition on the printed background. I love to use recycled materials in this way. (Photo coming soon)

I would also like to take some of my finished artwork....just in case somebody might be interested in purchasing some original artwork. You never know!

If I am not careful I will end up with my whole flipping studio in the car. That is my challenge this week- not to be cluttered but to have the enough materials for the workshops, for my own creative work and research, all my techno bits and bobs, books and notebooks, clothes and toiletries.

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