Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Busy hanging works for a showing on Sat 29th 2013

It is over 30 degrees here today so I am staying indoors. My body is not holding up too well. Always seems to be worse on the days that I walk with the group. Aches and pains and really tired...I'm too young for all that!

I've been given free reign to hang and display my work ready for showing on Sat. What more could an artist want but a  little bit of gallery space, set up with a good hanging system and, hundreds of people coming to see a band named 'Chain Reaction who are doing the monthly show on the stage out in the garden at the back. A bar is setup and among other news the audience will be invited to browse through the gallery and see my little exhibition!

  Right now I am sort of having fun putting on the finishing touches to paintings, attaching wire to the back, climbing up and down wobbly tables and ladders displaying the work. A little frustrating when I attach my hanging wire to the wrong end or see so parts of my artwork that I want to change once they are on the wall and under a healthy spotlight!

By the end of today I'll take another photo and it should look a lot more presentable than this one. A number of the works are just on plain canvas board so I will have to lean them up against the wall. Wish I had the knack for whipping up a few frames out of discarded wood. Something else I'll have to learn one day soon, especially as framing can be so expensive.

Well I feel like a nap but I had better get back into the gallery and do some work!

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