Monday, November 25, 2013

U2 Lyrics - Some Days Are Better Than Others

Last night I literally fell into bed quite early in the evening. My feet, ankles, legs and lower back were aching like crazy! Possibly from way too many hours standing and walking on the hard wooden floors, I think. Not so good today either, though I managed my 60 min walk with the locals.  I had planned to clean the house today ready for the next artist in residence who is coming from America, Danielle Smith. I am looking forward to meeting her as she too is trying to characterize the feeling of spirituality through  painting. 

So far I'm not getting much cleaning up done as I'm lying flat on my back resting my feet. At least I can sort of do this blog and maybe some more life drawing. Early this morning I was working on the tissue sculptured vase of flowers, getting them in place and gluing them down. Choosing where to place them took forever. I liked the idea of the floral shapes being transparent and delicate but with the dark faux wood background I'm going to have to build them up more to add some depth. It also needs to look more contemporary. Looks way too seventies for me at the moment!

Not sure where I'm going with these little critters! Maybe a whole pile of them with a light shining up through them. If I don't get any inspiration soon they will get a light from my box of matches. 

And this one was really bugging me last night. Originally, I had chosen the colors quite randomly and that was the problem. Random doesn't always work. 
Finishing it off, I tried to create some sort of colour harmony but it still wasn't working. Another common mistake is when I  try to save the bits I like no matter what problems they may be causing to the rest of the painting as a whole so, that was it...I white-washed the troublesome areas with gesso. Hope I've made the right choice...too late now!

    'Grounded'     18" x 36 " Mixed Media 


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