Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In The Studio

I set myself a small challenge for each day during my 3 week stay. 
I will create one painting a day using exactly the same materials and the same tools each time. I'm painting on a 30 x 30 cm canvas. I have a limited palette of 3 acrylic colours, Ultramarine Blue/Yellow Ochre/Titanium White. My tools are a palette knife, 3 different sized paintbrushes and a graphite pencil. I begin by squeezing out a small amount of paint from each tube straight onto the canvas and then I will see what happens!
When each painting is complete, I meditate on it for a while and then write a Haiku-kind-of-poem. These works will go in a final exhibition at the end of my stay. 
These are from my first three days..


Straight from the paint tube
Colours snake on the substrate
Palette knife blends

Blue, Ochre and White
Brush strokes soften hard edges
Scratching the surface

What is it about?
Inspired by desire
To create something new

Calm chaos revealed
Child-like graphite lines are drawn
Come explore with me

Neglected farmhouse
Hides away amoung the mist
Where someone once lived

The painting is the same size as the others but the photo has downsized!

Time for a landscape
A recognisable theme
Relax and enjoy

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