Monday, November 25, 2013

May my artwork never become a blur!

One of the  great websites that I follow is Artsy Shark. Carolyn has this to say:

I’m Carolyn Edlund, the founder and author of Artsy Shark – devoted to helping artists grow their businesses. I work with artists every day in one-on-one personalized consultations to help them build strong, sustainable businesses. In my everyday work, I’m exposed to a lot of work that artists are currently making. And in looking at artwork every day, I see a lot of sameness. Similar subject matter, similar styles and themes. It can become a blur after a while. Yet many artists want their work to be memorable, to shine – and to stand out from the pack.

What gives art that “Wow factor” that causes your audience to sit up and take notice? What is that elusive quality that transcends the usual and makes your work truly remarkable? Seth Godin defines remarkable as being “beyond the edge”. Would you agree?

Does your work elicit remarks, and start conversations? 

Beyond the edge...I like that!  In the meantime I'll keep working, especially on my figure drawings. Really don't want to get too picture perfect with these drawings,which is why I prefer not to use someone else's images to learn from just yet. Even a real live model could make it difficult for me to capture the essence of what's going on in my imagination, but I will just have to trial that and see how I go.

I just love these scribbled gestures, in unusual positions, revealing all the guess work involved as I carve out the body. The markings are like the first slices a sculptor removes from the lump of wood, clay or stone. The quicker I work the better but I have to stay with it until it is resolved and that can take time. I scratched these out on computer paper (hence the wrinkles) before going to bed last night. I wanted to do more but I was very tired. I like the idea of using the water colour pencils.

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