Thursday, November 21, 2013

What a Busy Day!

All the things that I would like to do on a regular basis are considered better to do first thing in the morning before you get too far into the day's work. My list seems to be getting longer.

Morning Walk-60 min
Morning Stretches-10 min
Morning Prayer-30 min
Morning Pages  ( Journalling )-45 min
Morning Routine as in shower, breakfast, make the bed, do the dishes, feed the pets etc-60min
That is a total of about 31/2hrs before I get anywhere near the studio.
....and when is supposed to be the best time of the day to do your creative work? First thing in the morning!

Had a great day today playing with rusty metal, white vinegar and tissue paper.
Also making sculptures out of soft tissues, PVA glue and little broken sticks and leaf matter. The first one was made by nature herself.i found it in the bushes while out walking.

I then tried to make my own version and I was quite pleased with the result. Not a very good photo as it was taken indoors at night. 

This is what I made from the rust stained tissue paper. They are not glued down yet, so this could change. I love the organic nature of these works and I would like to experiment a great deal more with these ideas. The house smells of fish and chips because of the white vinegar that I soak the rust pieces in. The the circle at the centre of the flowers are from the imprint of flattened rusty bottle tops I found in the car park next door to where I am staying. Again, not a good photo.

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