Friday, April 18, 2014

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

Refined Bees Wax on Muslin and working with the depth of opacity that I want.

It really appeals to my senses handling this sheet of wax with all the textures that have developed naturally over the surface. I'm going to have to create another smaller piece that I can crumple up and see if I get a beautiful crackled look. Then I could rub a dark oil paint into the cracks. It looks and feels so natural and endless possibilities are going through my head, but I must stay on track... 'The sound of sheer silence' At the moment I have a temporary piece of rusty metal sitting behind the waxed sheet. I was planning to create the shape of a human figure crouching in one corner (Elijah was suicidal) behind the sheet with one hand reaching out and touching it but I'm struck by the simplicity of the circle which represents wholeness, creation, eternity, God. If I gold-leafed the ring that would be even better. Oh! Decisions, decisions, decisions...just got to keep trying things out and see what really grabs my attention!

 Meanwhile my mob of emu's have been cooking out in the sun. Hope to sell a few over the weekend as there will be an art and craft market set up on the lawns, just outside the gallery. Wish I had time to create a few more bits and pieces but this residency is turning out to be much busier than the last one, what with study and applying for the art residency job at the school in the Prince Margaret Hospital.


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