Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Sound of Sheer Silence

Working on a panel to depict God in the silence. Playing with different ideas using gold leaf, charcoal, gauze and wax. Thought of words too but I scrapped that idea.
Most of all I especially like the transparency of the refined white bees wax which I used in the example below. It is not so opaque and painted over the gauze looks amazing I have placed a couple of paintbrushes underneath to check the transparency and I'm liking it very much! I may even go for an image of a hand behind it which is something I saw in a photo about 6 months ago when I was contemplating the subject of Elijah's encounter. I wondered how I could create something similar. I really loved the strong mysterious image which I interpreted as our humanness connecting with 'other' through 'a thin place' which spiritually speaking is a holy place. Worship and prayer are sometimes referred to as 'thin places' where we encounter God.

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