Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let's get back to nature and connect with the earth.

I had a most wonderful experience at Pauline White's. 'Earth Cloth' workshop last weekend. We connected with the bush, collected whatever caught our attention and made a group mandala.

We ground up rocks from river beds and mixed them with textile medium and then printed onto the provided cloth with our found leaves and plants we had bought to the class from home.

We then used sun dye on our cloths. After masking out areas with natural plants we laid them out in the sun to dry. You can see clearly the sprigs of rosemary laid on this purple dyred cloth.

We also used flour and water to mix up a resist. After squeezing this mixture onto our cloth in a variety of shapes it was left to dry in the sun. Once dry we mixed up ground grass tree resin/sap mixed with textile medium and painted it ove the shapes. Next we picked of the flour-resist to reveal more interesting masked out, organic patterns. Let me tell you, I was in heaven! More of this will definitely be happening in my studio.  This workshop was supported by the Stirling council and was a very reasonable price. There were 11 of us and we spent 2 days together 9:30-4pm at the Hamersley Environmental Centre located in the middle of stunning bushland in North Beach.
Thank you Pauline White for your love and generous spirit.

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