Saturday, April 12, 2014

Backgrounds for more 'Emu Crossings' art work

I found I have left my Emu stencil at my studio in Perth so I'm just making up a whole bunch of canvas board backgrounds. I am amazed with the different colors that come out of these three paints (bronze, copper and iron) when I add the patina solution. I must have add water in my brush on this one and the paint goes from ble to green after about 30 min. You can see in the photo above what the third one down looked like at first. Then it changed to this shone in the photo below. I think the addition of the emu's on this one would be rather insignificant as they would be outdone by the bright colors! Quite beautiful though.

For the painting above, I used a piece of a cardboard box as a support which I primed with a layer of 'pastel ground'.  I have added the sky using alcoholic inks. I love these effects. Yum!

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