Sunday, April 13, 2014

How clever am I? (Not!)

I had to laugh at myself here and thought, where is my patient, systematic husband when I need him? I wanted to get the instructions out from the packaging around my new propane torch. After struggling for a bit and saying a few swear words I got stuck into it with a pair of scissors, only to find I had chopped the instruction sheet up into a number of pieces! Stupid design though, putting them on the card at the top of the packaging- the only flat part I could cut into! 
This morning I helped unpack all the paintings that have now been delivered to the town hall for the Beverly exhibition. It was like Christmas unwrapping them all and pulling them out of the boxes to be checked off. This week they will hang them all ready for the opening night on Friday. Must be over 200 paintings in all mediums, and a children's section. There is some beautiful work submitted and a few well known Perth artists.

I'm trying out some other Australian animals on my corroded backgrounds. Here is a lonely echidna looking for ants. In fact I think I might even add a little trail of ants.

The painful spur in my foot is bothering me. My Dad said that in the old days they used to whack the bottom of the foot with the family bible so as to breakdown the build-up of calcium deposit. I'm getting to the stage I'll try anything!


  1. Oh that echidna is so sweet, and of course the colours of the background are brilliant.....are mini series of Austaliana emerging?

    Oh dear, cutting up the instructions.....that's funny.....only coz I could imagine that is what I would have done in my eagerness/impatience!! Of course it could have been a sub conscious ploy to avoid actually using that propane torch! But I know you will perservere - the "charred" effects are obviously really appealing to I know you WILL achieve them (albeit via a rather convoluted process!)

  2. Yes, the Australiana is an interesting move for me....not sure I've been down that road before apart from the gum leaves. How is your poetry and zen tangles going Cheryl? They would make a nice combination.