Monday, April 21, 2014

Good to get a little side-tracked now and then and follow your muse!

Preparing for InterPlay for Kids workshop and encaustic. 
Finding it very difficult to focus on my art therapy homework, which needs to be completed before I head home AND I still have to complete the hospital AIR application.

Greg surprised me with a visit yesterday, then cooked dinner for me, and took me out for breakfast in the morning so that was very sweet. Good timing actually, as I was a bit under the weather.

Today I was experimenting with painting some meltedbees wax over some old paper documents, receipts and tickets, that the owner of a bric-brac store across the road, wanted to preserve. Interesting. A bit stressful too, especially when one of them was too fragile and kept falling apart in the process. The more I tried to fuse it back together the worse it got. It was a 1960 dry leaning receipt for a shop that used to be in the main street.

I got completely side tracked ( which is good to do sometimes ) in the studio yesterday with a discarded soda bottle. I decorated it with alcoholic inks, then painted bees wax over it, then chopped it up! The inside of the bottle is a high gloss and looks like glass and the outside with the wax coating is a beautiful mat finish.

I also gold leafed a rusty cog that I found on my walk around the town. These are giving me lots of ideas which I can't wait to persue!

Now, that is enough play for now, back to the art therapy study and preparing workshops :(

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  1. What a great exploration, and result ....yr 'soda' pieces look terrific!

    Nice that the hubby visited and looked after u....he's a good man!

    I am very excited for u re the Hospital really are the perfect artist for that position. It would be a good 'gig' to get.