Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Paid Artist in Residence Opportunity

I opened an email a few days ago that an artist friend who I share a studio with passed on to me. It was an application form for a 3 month paid ($12,000) artist in residence (AIR) in the children and adolescence section of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). The AIR will have an open studio, do 2 x 2hr workshops a week and 8.5 hrs doing hospital rounds, visiting the kids and doing one-on-one art with them. There is also $5000 for art materials. The children are between the age of 5 and 18 yrs.

When I read through the criteria I knew this had my name written all over it because of my past experience with teaching and especially children and those with learning difficulties. I have a vast collection of art activities for kids including InterPlay. I am a full time Art Therapy student and a practicing artist currently on an AIR.
So here I am frantically trying to pull together a proposal, the criteria required, CV, 10 decent images of artwork, a new bio that focuse on more than just my art practice, find a referee (any volunteers please?), and the rest, all from my ipad here in Beverley. It is quite a headache really along with everything else I have on my plate at the moment but I think it is an opportunity not to be missed so I'm really pushing myself especially as the deadline for applications is 30th April 2014!

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