Friday, April 4, 2014

Iron, Copper, Bronze and Patina

 'Emu's Crossing' JPfeiffer 40x51cm

Love this combination of special effects paint. The metal rusts and the bronze and copper do exciting things as they mix with the Light Green Patina. I end up with this yummy rustic finish on my canvas. The gold emu's just finish it off nicely and give it that country Aussie feel! Something the tourists might like as a reminder of their travels.

I hope to get a series of these done while in Beverley. I just hope I can buy some more canvases in York, the closest big town to where I am staying.


  1. Gorgeous Janet! I really enjoy anything 'emu' and do have some lovely art pieces, but I reckon yr picture tops them all ! Keep me in mind as a 'buyer'.

  2. Sure will Cheryl and thanks for the compliment. I'll be creating a few different sizes so there might be a 20 x 25cm one for around $50, unless you particularly want the larger one of course. Janet x