Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Inaugural Encaustic Workshop in Beverley WA

                               All that remains
My first waxy workshop -Yaay! I had so much fun. In the end I only had 3 participants, Jenny, Mary Lou and Penny but, including me it was a good number, considering we only had one pot of wax on the go. I had planned to demo a number of techniques first but I sensed these ladies were itching to get stuck into it and experiment for themselves which is really the best way to learn. So after a few health and safety precautions and one quick demo they jumped in, 
combining different techniques in whatever ways they could, not really having a clue what they would end up with but willing to just see what happens. I love these country girls, no fuss, no fear, just get stuck into it and deal with the obstacles, when and if they happen. 

Five hours later, which only seemed like two, they started to wane, which was good because we may have kept going till midnight otherwise! Because the wax is so instant the concentration on one piece of work is quite intense, so working small was good. Also the girls could get three or four different compositions done in a session which enabled them to explore a number of different techniques.  We didn't even stop to open the champagne! 

I am so proud of these ladies and what they came up with and also very thankful to them for being my first encaustic students. They have given me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed to get my finger out and advertise some workshops in Perth. If you live near Perth WA, and you can get a group of 3 or 4 friends together, I am pleased to introduce you to the basics in encaustic. At this stage It will be a 3 hour workshop @ $65 each and I will supply all the materials including the wax. I will speak to you about what you can bring as a substrate to create your beautiful work on! 
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