Saturday, April 12, 2014

Preparing encaustic samples on cardboard in preparation for workshops

Now where did I put that stencil? This is what it looks like inside one of the many boxes I bought to Beverley. Chaos!!

These are a few of the wax and mixed media test pieces I have done on 4 x 4 cm cardboard pieces. The one with the leaf transfer is a larger size and the top photo is how it started. The white is PVA glue and I have added a piece of gauze. In the second photo the top half has wax that has been brushed on as it cools so it is textured and more opaque. I'll explain how I have created these later including the different media added.
This group in the photo above are unfinished and about to have their second coat of wax. I am seriously making  this up as I go and simply trying different things. I get one or two ideas from a book and then just play!

My teachers. These are the four books I am using as references. Probably the best one or most used is Encaustic Mixed Media by the encaustic guru Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch who was recently touring Australia and I joined in one of her classes at Jackson's Art Supplies in Midland WA.  She is innovative and will try anything with encaustic and I mean anything! She encourages us to delve and expand! You can visit her at or go to her blog

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