Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wow! How did that happen?

This painting needs a name!

It rarely happens that I finish a painting and then I want to keep it to myself! This is one of those. It is quite large, about 1m x 1m and has a textured sand surface that was prepared before I started painting . I had a landscape in mind but more important to me were the colours that I had chosen. I started at the base with lemon and white and worked my way up. I knew I wanted to have a dark purple focal point in the middle, not knowing they would turn into boulders (yes, boulders again appearing in my work-I wonder what they symbolise?). 

I completed the work in one day at the studio. It was almost effortless, every stroke worked and transformed into something other than what I had in mind, and much better too. 
There is no doubt in my mind that Spirit bought this one forward through me and it is for this reason that I will put a much higher value on it. Hope I can do some more of the same!

The painting pulsates with energy and the photo above doesn't really give you any idea of the colours because it was taken at night with very yellowish lighting. I will take a daytime shot next time I am in the studio. 

I had some left over paint, so I even had time to experiment with the drippy series I'm working on! Another night photo but it gives you an idea.

Update on my 'Elijah's encounter with God' painting in my next blog. Still at the gathering ideas stage.

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  1. Oh my God (indeed)! Absolutely no doubt that you and the Spirit worked together......it oozes (in a gentle way) with transcendent beauty. How great that you are able to let go and let the Spirit guide you into colours and strokes and composition features. As to naming it?......maybe it doesnt need a name....perhaps just a date on the back to remind you when you and Spirit co-created.