Saturday, December 7, 2013

Settling Back Into The Studio Again

Just got home from a hard day at the office. Feet aching, back aching and no one is paying me for my hard work. You have to be damn passionate about this artist work to put in as many hours as I do. Either that or insane... I think I am a bit of both.

Well, my studio was organised enough to work in today, and it feels like a fresh start. I've taken down all my old paintings at put up some new. It really helps me to have inspiring work around me including bits and pieces that I have collected along the way.  These could be anything at all ranging from magazine pages, fabrics, inspirational quotes, colors I'm drawn to, images off the Internet, papers, photos, natural objects and whatever else captures my interest.
    My studio at Rob Park

We have hard rubbish collection this week so I piled up all the old canvases of mine that I wasn't interested in re-working and also those that had far too much texture applied to be able to re-paint over. Some of them I slashed off the frame (very therapeutic!) and others, if the frame was sturdy enough, I kept it so that one day ( ha ha! one day!) I will learn how to stretch a new canvas over them. 

Anyway that evening I put them out on the verge and the pile was huge. In the morning I went out to check that the over-night gusty wind hadn't blown them half-way up the street. I got such a surprise because the hard rubbish collectors hadn't picked up in our street yet but there wasn't a single canvas left...someone was very keen! I wish my exhibitions got such a positive response!

Next week I have a lady named Clare from 'Sort Your Stuff' coming to my home and we are going to get my room at home organised into office and storage of all my art materials that I don't need in my studio at Rob Park. I'm just starting to put things into piles. Whatever made me get into mixed media and collage and painting, drawing and encaustic? much stuff I have held onto like beads, postage stamps, feathers and wood shavings to name just a few...just in never know!

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  1. Classic story......all your old pictures picked up by scrounging art admirers!! Soo funny! You might consider putting stickers on the back
    of old canvasses along the lines of "If u like this 'practice' piece, you should
    see the final picture! Ring me, Janet
    Pfeiffer,Mobile Phone............."

    Who might pick up a

    Your art studio looks very tidy - big effort., as you said 'for no pay' but if you were being frustrated in not being able to create because of clutter then doing some tidying was a good investment of time and energy. You will soon reap the financial rewards of all that 'unpaid' work.

    No doubt your declutter professional will help you to be ruthless re decisions of what to keep or not.
    Maybe another kerbside trash or treasure coming up to delight the local 'collectors'!

    Look forward to next blog episode