Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Decorate A Duck For Depression!

...Yes - you probably think I'm 'Quackers'!

This is an invitation from a very lovely artist friend of mine named Philomena who, like myself has been a sufferer of mental illness and she is always looking for ways to raise funds in support of those affected. So please read her invitation as follows.

I want you to consider 'Decorating A Duck For Depression'!
I believe this could be a novel way to raise money to support those affected by Mental Health issues. It is my plan to auction or sell the decorated ducks around the time of my next exhibition planned for March at Houghton's Winery Gallery. 
....and I am asking you for your support!
To find out more and to obtain your Duck to decorate, - I have fifty ducks on hand for you to choose from!
or phone on
Wooden Ducks for you to Decorate any way you wish.

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