Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 I knew it would be difficult returning home from residency but I never expected to be so frustrated with people and things and most of all with my own disorganised and cluttered studios.

Most of today I have felt like one of those steel balls in a pinball machine, being fired in different directions. I became aware that I would need to cull my studio of clutter while I was In Beverley. Once home I off loaded the contents of my car into my Perth studio. I literally dumped all my art materials onto my huge work table. I managed to psyche up enough energy to plan what my next step would be to remove what I don't want and clear some space. Being a mixed media and collage artist and wax and watercolour and whatever else I decide to get into...I have so much bloody stuff that I have collected over the years...just in case I need it. Well, it has got to go because I can't think clearly surrounded by so much clutter.
I put back in the car the things I needed to take back to take to my studio at home and placed in a pile smaller works or canvases I could take to the markets and sell and that was it....I'd made a small start. Eventually I couldn't stand the cobwebs, dead insects and layer of thick dust all over the room so I went home, planning to return the next day with the vacuum cleaner and scrubbing brush!

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