Sunday, December 15, 2013

No More Markets!

I have always said to my husband, "don't let me ever do a market or car boot sale again"

Stupidly, I made a flash decision and rented a stall at a market today. Not even a market, but a school fete. Unlike market stalls that can cost $100 to hire, this was only $20, and was under cover which was a bonus when 38- 40 degrees was forecast for that day.

When I do these markets, I usually move out what I call my 'shrapnel' All the odd bits and pieces that I have been trialing different techniques and exploring ideas on. They are mostly small in size and after a while just take up storage space. 

Anyway at the last minute I decided that instead of taking them all down to the op shop as I did last year, I would tidy them all up, paint the sides of each one and pile them into the car, along with a table, chair and all the other clobber you need to present a lively market stall. 
I felt unusually calm which should have been a clue that this was going to be a complete and utter waste of time and energy! 

Instead I took it to mean something good was going to happen and this was 'meant to be.' I set of to my destination 20 mins away.
After carting all my gear a couple of hundred yards from the car to my spot, I set everything up to entice the buyer. I took to my seat and contemplated my surrounds. "Ah! This is good I thought, I'm glad I made the effort." 

Two hours later I was still contemplating my surrounds and at one point completly dozed off! (I did go to a Christmas party the night before!) And so it went on. All around me were bric-a-brac stalls piled up with kids toys. Being Christmas, parents were stocking up. Cup cakes were popular too. Last thing on their mind was buying a piece of original art, even if it was selling for less than the price of the canvas I painted it on!!

After nearly five hours, there were so few people about, I decided to pack up and get home to my comfy chair and air-con, which is where every other sensible person should have been on a 40 degree day!
The hardest part was lugging everything back to the car again (why do I always do these things alone?) Every female convener there seemed to have her husband in tow, carrying all the heavy gear. I guess it was Sunday morning and my husband was where he was meant to be, leading a worship service. By the time I got back into my sweltering car I thought I was going to pass out!

Oh well, what can I say? I sold two little paintings at $5 each and handed out a few business cards. I bought two $3 plants for the garden with my takings. So I made $4! You win some you loose some. Just remind me never to do markets again!

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