Thursday, June 20, 2013

Learning from Playful Discoveries

Experimenting with mixed media is so much fun. In particular I love to create texture on the canvas. Not sure about the matchsticks?? I was inspired by what I saw in the driveway to my studio. Someone had dropped a box of matches and they had been flattened into the soil in a very artistic way. I wanted mine to look like they were falling into a lake. Not quite there yet. I could do a whole series of fallen matchsticks. At the moment I am painting all the red tips all different colours. One because it looks good and two because the red dye melted into my painting and didn't look good!
     "Pick up sticks" 30 x30 cm   

30 x 30 cm

Test piece: Black and white gesso with removed plastic wrap

Test piece: Tissue and acrylic mediums

Test piece: Tin foil/gel medium/salt 30 x 30 cm

Test - Plastic wrap and fluid acrylics 30x 30 cm

Test - Blk and White gesso/plastic wrap/fluid acrylics

Test: Acrylic paint applied with a window cleaning tool

Test: Acrylic paints applied with window cleaning tool

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