Thursday, June 20, 2013

"In My Father's House There Are Many Rooms"

This canvas requires a lot more work but I'm waiting till I get some direction from my muse on what I need to do next. As you can see I'm undecided about the walls or background being white or black or maybe something else. So this one is waiting in the corner to be summoned back to my easel when I am inspired. I am learning not to rush to the finish but hold back and see what comes. This can sometimes take months.

I'm going to have some lunch now before I post the rest of my work in the next blog. I should try and stay up to date with blogging and it wouldn't take so long. I'm like that with the housecleaning too. I leave it and leave it and then have to spend a whole exhausting day getting everything back in order. In fact I think I am like that with everything including friends and family. Don't have any contact, then all of a sudden we are together again kicking up our heels or getting into D & M's. Gee, I'm glad I didn't hit the S instead of the I'm wasting time...lunch!

 "In My Father's House"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas 121 x 50 cm $650
Close up view
Close up view

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