Thursday, February 14, 2013

Breathe Deeply

Oh my giddy aunt! Not too sure what I am doing with all my on-line stuff?

I now have 3 separate blogs. One for art, another for improvised dance and movement and one more for my personal life. I'm now thinking of switching my art blog to a web page hosted by and possibly keeping a collection of images on Flickr.

I'm looking closely at a favourite artist of mine named Jeane Myers. She doesn't know it yet but I am in love with her work, her artist statement, her web page and blog set up and her fabulous photo collection on Flicker. She is also on Twitter! I'll need to email Jeane and ask her for some guidance I think.
Flickr j m myers' photostream

It is all very involved but I have been thinking about taking a more professional approach to my internet face for quite a while. There are so many choices and it is a matter of finding out what works for me I guess. Just got to stay calm, try not to get to obsessed about it all and remember to breathe deeply and smell the freshly cut grass...or something!

Studio news coming soon....already lots of new things happening including an exhibition in April.

After the rain

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