Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back in the sweat shop

I didn't go into the studio today. it is still very hot and I feel really tired and lacking in motivation. Artworks are coming together though, for the exhibition coming up in the Swan Valley. I've only ruined one so far. I can feel the anxiety rising as I get closer to finishing them off. I end up really liking parts of a painting and then there are other parts I want to change, at the risk of stuffing up the whole thing.

That is the point I'm at with a work on the resurrection, that is to go behind a church altar for Easter.
It's finished but I want to make it even more special and I'm starting to fiddle. Stop now!

I keep forgetting to take photos too so I can keep a record of their progress. I'll try and remember tomorrow, in fact I'll put a reminder on my phone.

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