Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sophie Cape, Jean Myers, Janine Mackintosh

I have observed and learn't from many different artists from all over the world via the Internet, books and videos. My art represents this important time of exploration with colour and acrylic mediums.

I feel their is a change happening in my art journey, like a change of gear, maybe a maturing. At the moment I feel lost at sea but from past experience, I know I am unsettled for a reason and my energy and direction will soon return. Thinking and writing always helps me get to the heart of the problem. I'm feeling the need to clear everything out of my studio, all the dead wood so that I only have at my fingertips the materials I want. To know what I want, I first need to decide what kind of art I am going to create over the next 12 months. 

 I have chosen the three artists named in my title, whose work has deeply moved me. I'm going to try and understand exactly what emotions were evoked within me when I viewed their work and why. I'm also going to take note what the common thread might be in all three artists work. Also what colours and materials are resonating with my spirit at this time.

Below are a few examples of their artworks. I will be studying closely, finding out what materials are used and then copying to the best of my ability in the hope that my own way with the materials will emerge.

Step 1. I know I will be working with neutral colours and I'm excited about that. I will put all my other colours away in a box
Step 2.  I know I will be working with encaustic materials so I will need to set up a place to melt the wax and source a wax supplier
Step 3.  I will need to find out where I can get small wood panels or make them myself.


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